Poland offers a huge amounts of jobs for graduates and as well as students. For searching job in Poland, you can start with the national daily papers and weekly job supplements that are published in the majority of Polish dailies. Obviously, there are many other places where you can find current job vacancies.

Poland is one of the few countries in the European Union (EU) that has been able to increase its gross domestic product (GDP) in the midst of the global economic downturn. The majority of the country's workforce is in the services sector, while around 30% are in industry, working in automotive manufacturing, chemicals and food processing, among other sectors. Approximately 16% of the workforce is employed in agriculture. The number of foreign people working in Poland. The foreigners has increased steadily since 2010, mostly in the agriculture, construction, retail and wholesale trade sectors (OECD, 2012).Youth unemployment is a big problem in the country, but there are opportunities available for people with highly sought-after language or IT skills in industries such as telecommunications, computer science and logistics. Other areas of recent growth include education, banking and finance, business services, tourism and management.


There are lots of job vacancies in Poland. You can Search job vacancies with the daily papers and weekly job supplements. You should also try notice boards in supermarkets. sometimes you can find some temporary job offers like helping with housework or dog-walking there. When you are looking for a job, you should also bear in mind that your wages depend on where you live. Naturally, the best wages are offered in big cities, regardless of the type of a position. The minimum wage in Poland is 317 euro per month. A student can earn about 10-15 PLN [2.5 - 3.75 euro] per hour.

How To Find Job In Poland

Public Employment Services

In order to take advantage of all the offered job advertisements available at a poviat labour office, you have to be registered with it as a job-seeker or an unemployed. Registration will provide access to closed job offers. In order to register, you need the following documents: The identity card or another identification document along with a certified registered address of residence. A diploma, school graduation certificate, school certificates or a certificates of completion of a course or training. Employment records for the entire employment period. All the other documents necessary to determine the rights, if any. 

Non-public employment agencies

All non-public employment agencies should be entered in the register of entities that operate employment agencies, which is confirmed by a certificate issued by the marshal of a voivodeship. A list of agencies can be found on the website of the informational webpage of labour offices .This list is also available at the poviat labour office, voivodeship labour office or at the Information and Career Planning Centres.

Work experience and internships in Poland

Work experience and internships in Poland As the job market is competitive and youth employment is relatively high, work experience could give your CV the boost it needs to help you stand out from the crowd. Internships and summer work placements for students can also be arranged by: AIESEC UK - for students and recent graduates. IAESTE UK - for science, engineering and applied arts students.

Volunteering in Poland

Volunteering in Poland is another way to improve your employability in the eyes of prospective employers. The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a Special Voluntary program which was founded by the European Commission. The Opportunities vary from placements concerned with sport and culture to others focused on social care and the environment. Travel, accommodation, food and insurance are covered by a European grant for successful applicants, who also get given a personal allowance each month. Another organization that may have volunteering opportunities available is Volunteers for Peace. You may also be able to arrange to volunteer by sending speculative applications to organizations in the sector in which you wish to work. Employment contract The primary form of employment in Poland is represented by an employment contract. At the same time, it is the most beneficial contract as far as additional rights are concerned, meaning the employee entitlements. The matters related to the employment contract are regulated by the Labour Code. There are some rule that you have to follow when entering into an employment contract with an employer. An employment contract should be entered into in writing, and it should specify the parties to the contract, the type of the contract, the date of its conclusion and the terms and conditions of employment and the salary

  • Employment contracts for a probation period.
  • Employment contracts for a definite period.
  • Permanent employment contract.

Sometimes the employment contract can be terminated. For terminating the contract we must follow some rules, includes:

  • By mutual agreement of the parties.
  • By submission of a declaration of one of the parties by giving a termination notice.
  • By submission of a declaration of one of the parties without prior termination notice.
  • When the contract duration has expired.
  • When the work under the concluded contract has been completed.
  • Gross infringement of basic employee's obligations by an employee.
  • Loss of rights through the fault of the employee that are necessary to carry out the work at the occupied post, or through no fault of the employee.
  • In case of employee's incapacity to work due to a disease that has lasted for a specified time pursuant to the Labour Law provisions.
  • In case of employee's justified absence at work due to reasons other than a disease for a period longer than one month. Sometimes an employee may terminate an employment contract without prior termination notice:
  • If a medical certificate confirms that the work carried out by an employee has detrimental impact on their health, and the employer does not transfer them within the deadline specified in the medical certificate to another type of work that is suitable for their health condition and professional qualifications.
  • If the employer commits a gross infringement of basic obligations against the employee.