Poland offers various scholarship programs for polish students and as well as international students to. Studying in Poland means quality education at a low cost and also we can apply for various scholarships and discounts for international students. For example, the Polish Government Scholarship will not only pay our tuition fees but also give us a monthly allowance, which will cover some of our everyday living costs. The Government Scholarship is granted for a specific period of time. However, we may apply to extend it to cover the total time of our studies in Poland. Scholarships for Foreigners The Ministry of Science and Higher Education sets from time to time a quota of scholarships for persons undergoing education in Poland under international agreements or under decision of the minister responsible for Higher Education. Foreign students' scholarship applications falling within the quota are transmitted by Polish consular/diplomatic missions to the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange. The final decision of scholarship ,is taken by the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Scholarships under inter-school agreements Some Polish and foreign higher education institutions have agreements on temporary exchange of students and academic and research staff. In each case the HEIs involved agree the rules for granting scholarships. A foreign student seeking a scholarship in Poland must meet specific inter-school exchange requirements. Some HEIs have their own scholarship programs. European Union scholarships we can also come to Poland on one of European Union programs in which Polish HEIs are actively involved, in particular the SoCRATES educational programs which creates opportunities for cooperation at all levels and in various fields of education.

There are various European Union Scholarships, some of them are following: ERASMUS It consists a component of the SoCRATES programs targeted at higher education institutions, coordinates the exchange of students. Information on this subject is available at national SoCRATES websites. TEMPUS It consists a European-Union developed programs in support of international cooperation of higher education institutions targeted at Central and East European countries, is worth noting in this context. LEoNARDo DA VINCI These programs provides financing support for student vocational training schemes and for the development of innovative training or educational programs or teaching materials.

These programs are targeted at young people in initial vocational training. SCHoLARSHIPS FoR AMERICANS oF PoLISH DESCENT: Polish Government provides various scholarship Programs for Americans of Polish Descent. Some of them are following:


  • Year Abroad Scholarships
  • Graduate Studies & Research in Poland Grants.


  • Tomaszkiewicz-Florio Scholarships


Poland is Providing Scholarship Programs For women, Which is dedicated to making college/ universities more accessible through scholarship opportunities and financial aid education. While it was rare to see women in higher education, though a lot of progress has been made, inequalities still exist between men and women.

So, Poland offers a great Scholarship program for women to try to close those gaps. Such scholarship can be great news for female students, to follow their dream without taking out a lot of students loan. Moreover, you can apply for discounted college fees or even a total tuition waiver if you are in a difficult financial situation or if you aim to pursue two fields of study simultaneously. If you are of Polish origin and if this can be verified by Polish Consulate or Embassy, you are entitled to a lower fee at a university in Poland.

Some international students can apply to Polish universities under the same conditions as Poles - for full daily studies, free of charge. This is the case if :

  • They have the Stay Card (Karta Pobytu),
  • They have the political status of a refugee,
  • They are in a state of temporary protection in the Republic of Poland's territory, oR
  • They are migrating workers from another EU country or under the Central European.Free Trade Agreement and have been working and living in the country.

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